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"Arianna Wade" "Bear" Chicago Police dog MISSING "Bobbi Ann Hood Aripez" Bobbi Aripez "Hasani Campbell" "John Cheatham "lady of the dunes" "matthew samos" #AZ James Zinza MISSING. Who has info? #MI Amber Alert Morgan Renee Schug #MN Rilya Alert: Amanda Manery #MO Christina Whittaker Young 21 Missing 11/13/09 #NYC Who am I? Teen girl w amnesia #SC AMBER ALERT Angel Miguel Perez MISSING INFANT #TX Amber Alert SAMUEL BLAKE KIRTLEY 14 in Danger 000 Reward 1 Randa Jawhari 42 MISSING since February 10 2009 1 Bobbi Ann Aripez MISSING COLOR POSTER 1 Earl Bubba Kidder 1 Erik Lippmann 30 Autistic MISSING 04-21-2010 1 Fovever Perkins 10 10 La Porte TX 11 MISSING Columbus OH 11 MISSING suspect in custody MARYLAND Dec 22 2009 12 12 and Deyan Perisic 12 is Missing 12 MISSING in SW Chicago 13 13 MISSING 14 14 MISSING 14 MISSING from Philadelphia 14 MISSING from SC 14 MISSING in Washington DC 140 lbs. 149 lbs. 15 15 Depressed Teen Missing 15 MISSING 16 16 MISSING 16 Missing fear foul play TX 16 missing from Columbus GA 16 MISSING from Morton 16 Missing from Springville CA 17 17 in 2008 (Russell 17 missing 2009 IDAHO 17 MISSING Canton Ohio 17 Missing for six months from Ohio 17 MISSING from Norwalk 17 MISSING Meriden CT May 01 2010 17 missing Pittsburgh 17 Rest In Peace_Forever Missed 18 18 MISSING (autistic) w Medical Needs - Tennessee 18 MISSING NIU Student - Illinois 19 missing from Holiday 19 MISSING W MEDICAL NEEDS 1987 1988 from Copperas Cove 1Megan Waterman Spaghetti Supper_Auction2 2 20 Indianapolis IN - MISSING 2006 20 MISSING Hendersonville 2004_MISSING from Hawaii 2008- Oklahoma UNIDENTIFIED Female 2010 2011 2011 Missing from Beaver Falls 2011 missing from Ludington 2011 Missing in Gilford 21 21 MISSING w special needs 21 Witness to Gang Rape MISSING 12/10/09 22 22 ABDUCTED functions as 12yrs old PHOENIX AZ 22 is missing. 22 MISSING Roosevelt Univ Student IL 23 23 MISSING 23 MISSING - Color Poster 23 MISSING from Ohio 24 24 MISSING 24 MISSING from Rensselaer 25 25 MISSING 25 MISSING Columbus OH Feb 13 2010 25 MISSING POSTER 26 26 Columbia TN 26 - VULNERABLE MISSING - Kokomo IN - 07-29-2011 26 MISSING FL 2007 26 MISSING May 11 2010 NJ_NY 26 Missing on March 12 2011 27 MISSING 2010 - Texas 27 MISSING from MI 27 MISSING VACAVILLE 28 MISSING 29 MISSING Chicago June 11 2010 30 30 MISSING (Autistic) Salem Oregon 30 MISSING East Helena 31 Missing since 2007 31 URGENT MISSING Nashville June 17 2010 33 MISSING - Virginia 33 Missing since 2007 in PA 34 MISSING since 2003 35 36 36 MISSING - El Paso TX 37 Gloucester 39 39 MISSING Louisiana March 28 2010 4 Brookings 4 - Father suspect in shootings that killed 2 4 MISSING 4 Safe in the Arms of our Lord 4 Years is Too Long - Jeramy Carl Burt MISSING 40 40 mISSING AND FEARED FOR HER LIFE 40 of Richmond 42 MISSING W MEDICAL NEEDS 43 MISSING 44 MISSING 44 of Rochester 46 47 MISSING FROM CASINO IN NJ 47 missing in Atlanta 48 48 Concord 48 MISSING while walking from Chicago 5 - Michigan AMBER ALERT 5 URGENT MISSING - Glendale AZ.jpg 50 MISSING 52 52 MISSING - TN 11-21-2010 53 54 54 MISSING 55 55 is missing. 56 MISSING NEW BRITAIN CT W POSS MED NEEDS 57 MISSING Raleigh NC 58 65 7 MISSING 7 URGENT MISSING CHILD Portland OR 75 Missing - CT 76 83 MISSING from San Jose CA @LostNMissing wins in TOP 20 Ms Twitter World A Picture is worth a Thousand words - Angel Garcia A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - Brad Olsen A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - Lisa Irwin A Picture Worth A Thousand Words - Jesse Ross A Picture Worth A Thousand Words- Bill Shipley A Picture Worth A Thousand Words-Angel Garcia A Picture Worth A Thousand Words-Bianca Lebron A Picture Worth A Thousand Words-Brian Shaffer A Picture Worth A Thousand Words-Jared Hanna A Picture Worth A Thousand Words-Timur Mardeyev A Public Message - Overnights Aaron Erickson Aaron Lee Erickson Aaron Lee Watkins Aaron Watkins Aaron Watkins MISSING from NJ 2007 Abbi Obermiller ABDUCTED FROM FATHER Adam Kellner Adji Desir Adrianna Wix age 15 age 2 MEMPHIS age 3 of West Virginia Ahliyah Irvin - Forever Loved & Missed Ahren Ahren Barnard Aisling Symes Aisling Symes Rest in Peace sweet one Alabama 03-07-2011 Alan Barwick MISSING Utah 2004 Alayah Watley 2 MISSING IN ST CROIX Albert Kay Nelson Albert Nelson ALERT Haylee Donathan MISSING ALERTA Mitchell Romero 3 Alex Mercado Alex Mercado 4 Safe with the Lord Memorial Banner Alex Sipniewski Alexander and Christopher Watkins Alexander Lakhno Alexander Watkins Alexandria Joy Lowitzer MISSING Alexandria Phipps Alexis Bailey Ali Khadar - Forever will be missed Aliayah Lunsford Alisha-John and Mihailla Hepworth_Rest In Peace Alivia Kail MISSING - PA - 2011 Allentown Allie Phipps Always in Memory Always in our Hearts Always Missed Always Remembered Jack Burke Alysa Zatelny ALYSA ZATELNY MISSING June 11 2009 CANADA Grande P Alyssa A. McLemore Alyssa Durham Alyssa McLemore Alyssa McLemore KENT WASHINGTON Missing Amanda Escobar Amanda Rogers AMBER ALERT AMBER ALERT 4 CHILDREN AMBER ALERT 4 Harris Children abducted #TX in DANG Amber Alert Aja Daniell Johnson Amber Alert Brady Travis 6 in DANGER Missing in Ar Amber Alert Chloe Clark 13 months Varney WV Amber Alert Crystal 6 and Edgar Langley, 5 MISSIN Amber Alert Cynthia Hernandez 13 abducted Califor AMBER ALERT Hayleigh Cummings 5 MISSING Amber Alert Hayleigh Cummings 5 MISSING Feb 2009 Amber Alert Hoax AMBER ALERT Jessica Nicole Weiss 13 MISSING Michi AMBER ALERT Jozlynn Mari Martinez AMBER ALERT Katelynn Ranee Cole 5 Tennessee Aug 4 AMBER ALERT Marlon Torres 4 NC 06 30 2009 AMBER ALERT Preston 3 and Parker Norris 2 WASHINGT Amber Alert Rheannon A. Jermon 3 MISSING IL AMBER ALERT: Alexander & Heidi Suddeath MISSING N Amber DuBois Amber Graham Amber Price_Missing Poster Amy Fitzpatrick MISSING _Spain _UK Jan 1 2008 Amy Sue Henslee - Forever in Our Hearts Amy-Mary-Cynthia LNM Family Safety Day an Iowa State University student is missing. and Jasmine Norman Andre Bluster Andrea Celina Roye Andrea Celina Roye 18 MISSING Green Canyon UTAH 08 Andrea Cotten Andrea Leigh Cotten Andrea Roye Andres Flavio Mesones 42 MISSING POSTER Andres Mesones Andrew Brunelli Andrew Brunelli made in memory by LostNMissing Inc Andrew Haukereid - Forever Loved Forever Missed Andrew John Thompson Andrew T. Graves TEEN IN DANGER Missing Spokane ID Andrew Thompson Angel Garcia 19 - MISSING - Hartford CT - Oct2011 Angel Garcia Missing Angela Dawn Garlock Angela Jaramillo Angelica Sandoval 21 - Missing -CO - 23Feb2011 Ann Marie Vlahovich Annie Doe Annie Le Anthony Illidge 54_Rest in Peace Antinette Keller Antinette Keller 18 MISSING Color Poster_Dekalb IL Aracely Carrillo Are you seeking your birth mother or father? Art Reinhart - Loved By Many Forever Missed Ashani Creighton Ashani Karin Creighton ASHANI KARIN CREIGHTON 5 Has time forgotten FL Mis Ashley Carroll Ashley Carroll MISSING POSTER Ashley Cheney 17 MISSING Ashley Hurt Ashley Jones Ashley Katherine Skinner Ashley Katherine Skinner 16 MISSING in Tennessee Ashley Katherine Skinner 16 MISSING July 24 2009 f Ashley Kniphfer Ashley LaShay Jones Ashley Lewis Ashley Marie Carroll Ashley Skinner Ashley Tathkran Asthen Jackson Aunt Patty Love and Miss You Austin Davis Austin King Austin King 16 BW Poster Austin King 16 COLOR POSTER Austin King _ Forever watching over loved ones Autistic Aveion Lewis Sweet Child In the Arms of Our Lord Avery Spicer is 2 Ayla Reynolds Ayla Reynolds - MISSING POSTER - Maine - 16DEC2011 Ayla Reynolds Balloon Bubble Ayla Reynolds Missing Ayla Reynolds Missing Internet Banner Ayla Reynolds Missing MAINE Ayla Reynolds Missing Poste Ayla Reynolds WHERE AM I baby angel Baby Doe Baby Gem baby justice Baby Zara Rest in Peace Backyard Nov 2009 BALLOON AND POSTER EVENT - Carla Cook Fuqua Banner_ Sunday Blombergh 28 MISSING Tifton BC Beau Butschke - Forever Will Be Missed Beau Butschke 28 MISSING July 14 2011 WI Ben Roseland Ben Roseland 19 Missing from IOWA since Feb 9 2008 Benefit for Jerry Rowe benefit garage sale - Danielle Alvarado Benny Roseland Beth Bentley Beth Bentley - Loved and Missed Beth Bentley 41 MISSING Illinois May 23 2010 Beth Bentley 41 MISSING May 2010_CORRECT BANNER Beth Bentley MISSING - May 2010 - IL Beth Olten Beth Rice Beth Upton - Forever Remembered Betty Ward Beverly Meadows 49 MISSING from Marshall Texas Bianca Jones Bilial Hammette 18 MISSING - Beloit Wisconsin Bill Ray Knight 57 MISSING from Belton KS Bill Ray Knight _MISSING BW POSTER Billie "Bob" Black Billie Jean James_Rest In Peace Billy Smolinski Billy Smolinski - Billy's Law Billy Smolinski 31 Missing in 2004 CT Billy Smolinski Missing CT Billy Smolinski MISSING CT - No mom should have to Bob Black Bobbi Ann Aripez Bobbi Ann Aripez 65 BW Missing Poster Bobbi Ann Aripez 65 BW POSTER 2 Bobbi Ann Aripez MISSING COLOR POSTER Bobbi Ann Campbell MISSING since 12-27-94 UTAH Bobby Benjamin Bobby Dornbach Bobby Lee Benjamin Bobby Smelcer Boston Brad Olsen Brad Olsen 26 MISSING from Illinois January 2007 Brad Olsen Missing IL - Unsolved Bradley P. Olsen Brady Travis Brandon Swanson BRANDON'S LAW PASSES JULY 1 2009 IN MINNESOTA Branson Kayne Perry 20 MISSING since 2001 Brayton Smoot Brayton Smoot 77 Missing July 3 2009 in NM Breeann Rodriguez 3 MISSING Brett Smith 12 MISSING South Carolina Jan 18 2010 BrettBurtonPerry - Missing - TX Brian Barton 25 MISSING since 2005 Washington Brian Kite Brian Kite_Never To Be Forgotten Brian Sullivan Brian Sullivan Missing Rochester NY 2007 Brian Sully Briana Harris Brianna Maitland MISSING Briant Rodriguez Briant Rodriguez Age 3 AMBER ALERT kidnapped CA Bridge for Christopher Coan Bridgette Bilotta Bringing Heather Teague Home Brittany Gonzalez MISSING 12-03-2010 PA Brittany May Brittany Monique May Brooke Avery - Color Missing Poster Brooke VanBriesen Brooke VanBriesen 17 Missing Roscoe IL Nov 7 2009 Brooklyn Johnson 14 Missing from Columbus OH Bryce Tarter _Gone Too Soon_Never to be Forgotten Brynne Kurmas - Forever will be missed Brynne Kurmas 15 MISSING - Methuen CA CA Matrice Richardson 24 MISSING Sept 17 2009 CALIF May 04 California Callista Lundy 18 MISSING from Colorado since 2006 Cameron Jones Cameron Weisz - Forever in our hearts CameTogetherLeaveTogether Candace Watson candle Carla Cook Fuqua - Forever Loved Carla Cook Fuqua 28 MISSING - Alabama Carla Cook Fuqua-MISSING POSTER w Website Carla Cook Missing Carla Fuqua - Mini Poster Carlee Landis Carlee Rose Landis Carlee Rose Landis 15 Missing runaway Lakeland FL Carmeletta Green_Sweet Angel_Never to be Forgotten Carolyn Martin and Mark Martin Missing Carrie Ann Monroe 26 Missing CT 01-26-2010 Carrie Gall 40 MISSING w Special Needs Billings Cassie Lindsay 15 MISSING New Jersey April 08 2010 Cassius Turner Cassy Schroder 17 MISSING WA-OR Cassy_Tattoo Catherine Sackrider - Forever Loved Forever Missed CCaron and Mom Anna 1961 Cecilia Elisha Johnson Cecilia Elisha Johnson 14 MISSING Sept 13 2009 CA Cecilia Johnson Celeste Christianssen Celina Cass - Forever Loved Cerilla Doyle 51 MISSING from Arkansas Cerilla Doyle 51 MISSING POSTER Chandler Hartshorn Channon Christian Channon Christian and Chris Newsome Charles Briswold Charles Horvath Allan 20 COLD CASE MISSING 1989 Chavez_Always Mother Chelsea Cooper Chelsea King Always in Our Hearts Cherice Maria Ragins Chicago Police Dog Missing "BEAR" May 09 Child Alert Robert Manwill 8 MISSING Boise Idaho J Child Missing Children Doe Chioma Gray Chris Newsome Christi-Lynn Levesque Christian Mattson Christina Whittaker Young Christina Whittaker Young 21 _Missing Poster Christina Whittaker Young 21_Business Sized Cards Christina Whittaker Young Auction Benefit Christmas in Heaven _ Female Christmas in Heaven _ Male Christopher Coan Christopher Jerome Allen Christopher Watkins Chuck Briswold Cindy Butler Johnson-Forever loved forever missed Cindy Macklin Clara Patricia Bynog _Forever Loved Forever Missed Clartha Epps McLeod 75 MISSING SC Jan 2009 Clay Brenham - Forever Remembered Clay Brenham-Forever Remembered Clement Gervais 44 MIssing - Maine Clinton Daines - Forever in Our Memory Clinton Jason Daines 35 MISSING UT Oct 16 2009 Cloudia Wells Missing Cold Case COLD CASE MISSING Sherri Lee Truesdale 14 1970 Cold Case TAMMY BELANGER 8 MISSING SINCE 1984 Cole Duane Jackson Cole Duane Jackson TX MISSING '06 Cole Jackson Collage_Missing Loved Ones Colton Ross Barrera MISSING copyright logo Copyright LostNMissing Logo Coral Elizabeth Lusk Corey Heyward Cori'anna Heyward Corianna Heyward Cornelius Hopson 44 MISSING Cortez Rose 5 mo KIDNAPPED Madison IL Coryell County Could I be you? Could you be me? Courtney Smith 16 Missing from IL Oct 15 2009 Crystal Gray 20 Missing from Syracuse Crystal Langley Crystal Moore CT -Missing Curtis Anthony Porter - Forever Will Be Missed Cynthia Ann Macklin Cynthia Caron Pres LostNMissing Cynthia Day Cynthia Day 38 Missing since Aug 1990 St Louis IL Cynthia Irene Hernandez Cynthia Macklin Cynthia Macklin 16 MISSING Bacliff TX 1-28-09 Cynthia Perez 11 Daisja Weaver Daisja Weaver In the Arms of the Lord June 2009 Daisja Weaver Infant AMBER ALERT June 10 2009 Daisja Weaver MISSING INFANT TX June09 DaJah Johnson Dale Jones Dale K Jones Dale K Jones SILVER ALERT Missing in OHIO May 2009 Dale Nolting 45 MISSING w Medical Needs Dalvin Maxie Damian Duncan DAMIAN ONWUZULIKE DAMIAN ONWUZULIKE 59, Missing DETROIT 06152009 Damian Paul Duncan Damian Paul Duncan 11 MISSING TN July 8 2009 Dandia Gary Dandia Nycole Gary Daniel Abritton Daniel Auguste Daniel Tyler Albritton Danielle Alvarado - Billboard Danielle Alvarado - Missing Danielle Dillard Hill - Forever Loved Danielle Dillard Hill-Alvarado MISSING Danielle Hill Alvarado Danielle Hill Alvarado - Desaparecidi - Spanish Danielle Hill Alvarado - MISSING - TX Danielle Hill Alvarado MISSING - TX Danielle Hill Alvarado MISSING Color Poster Danny Goldstein 33 MISSING Rutland VT July 25 2010 Danny Goldstein MISSING POSTER_Color Dante Harris Danyelle Borden Darrel Dullum Darrel Dullum 20 Always in Our Hearts Daughter Seeks Mother Dave Brown - Forever blue skies Daveon Bryceon Dunn David Bird Thomson 34 Missing since 1979 David George Mark - Forever In Our Hearts David Gimelfarb David Gimelfarb 28 Chicago Doctoral Student Missin David Gomez David Lizarraga Gomez MISSING Binational Mexico - David Neily Davis Hodge 16 MISSING - GA - 19APR2012 Debra Carol Southerly Debra Schmitt - Forever Remembered Debra Schmitt 53 - MISSING Debra Southerly deceased Deonna Shipman 3 Abducted from NY in 2007 Derrick Futch 21 missing April 10 2010 Dallas TX Derrick Futch_Loved By Many_Missed by All Desaparecidos Desaparecidos Martinez Devon Hollahan Devon McAllister Devon Mcallister 14 Missing in Michigan Devon Mcallister 14yro MISSING in MICHIGAN Aug 7 2 Devon Minor - Facebook Avatar Diana Izaguirre DANGER Amber Alert TX Diane Genice Dye - MISSING UNSOLVED 1979 Diane Hartzog - Loved By Many Missed By All Dirk Schiller Vermisst Missing Disappearance of Jill Edmonds DISTRIBUTION POSTER-LNM-DLF.COM District Attorney Stephen Zappalla Do you have 1.10 - LostNMissing Inc Do you know this man? Do You Know Us? Diana and Earl UNIDENTIFIED DOE CHILDREN Dom Holley-Grisham Don't Quit Poem Donald Salvetti Donate to LNM Donna Diana Cyndi Donna Jou Donna Jou 19 Missing from CA Donna Kaye Lagermann UNSOLVED MISSING 2001 Dont Ask Me To Unfriend on Facebook Dont Quit DORIS INGRAM Dorothy Mae Heard - Forever loved forever missed Douglas Schantz Douglas Todd Nelson Douglas Todd Nelson _ Rest In Peace Dr Jarrett Lee Burton Dr Jarrett Lee Burton - MISSING UNSOLVED - PA Dr. Mona Shimshi Draft_Billboard Drake Boyd_AMber Alert Drew Peterson Arrested for murder o Kathleen Savio Dulce Arevalo 15 Missing Chicago IL June 2010 Dustin Gibson Dwayne Anthony fisher Dwayne Fisher Dwayne Fisher 43 Silver Alert _ NEEDS MEDICATION Dylan Koshman 21 MISSING Edmonton Canada October 1 Eagle Earl Bubba Kidder Earl Bubba Kidder jr MISSING POSTER Earl Kidder jr "BUBBA"_Missing Poster Ed Hataway - Forever Loved Forever Missed Eddie King Eddie Salazar 8 months Rest In Peace Sweet One Edgar D. Langley jr Edward Andrew Lawrence - Forever Will Be Missed Elena Jasmir Lozada - Forever In Our Hearts Elena Lozada MISSING from Portland Elias Sorokin Elias Sorokin 29 MISSING July 20 2009 Los Angeles Elizabeth Ann Campbell Missing since April 25 Elizabeth Bert Elizabeth Bert 85 MISSING Georgia 07022009 Elizabeth Claire Dawson - Missing Elizabeth Ennen- Forever will be missed Elizabeth Monika Hunter Elizabeth Monika Hunter 15 MISSING Aug 3 2009 MARY Elizabeth Olten Elizabeth Olten 9 Rest in Peace_Gone too Soon Elvia Morales Elvia Morales 13 Desaparecida MISSING SPANISH Elvia Morales 13 KIDNAPPED by 37 year old man in Elvia Morales Spanish Banner Emanuel Guzman Emanuel Guzman MISSING May 22 2009 SPANISH Emillie Hoyt Emillie Hoyt MISSING Florida Have you seen her? Emillie Hoyt-MISSING-Holiday 2010 emily hoyt Emily Jane Simunic Emily Simunic Emily Simunic 29 MISSING Driving in MI 6/25/09 Emma Carolll 83 MISSING Pembroke GA 7-18-07 Emmett Trapp Heavens sweet angel Enosha Walls Eric Chapman 29 Missing Plaistow NH 07022010 Eric Cruz heart transplant veronica cruz Eric De la Cruz Eric De La Cruz _ Chosen special to struggle no mo Eric James Eric James 33 Memorial Banner Rest in Peace Eric James 33 MISSING NH Medical Needs July 18 200 ERICA TURNER Erick Svoboda ERICK WALES 24 MISSING FROM SAN DIEGO CA Eridania Rodriguez Eridania Rodriguez 46 MISSING NYC June 7 2009 Erin Fitzpatrick - Missing Ethan Stacy_Prayers. Gone Too Soon Eugene Boross 87 MISSING Lecanto FL 07 17 2009 Eugene Losik Eva Marinkovic Eva'Anne Delpaso Facebook Avatar for Friends Faith Willison 56 Missing Ohio June 28 2010 Families o Missing Family Missing Fay Johnson 62 - MISSING - Medical Needs - Maine Fay Johnson MISSING Maine Find Jesse Ross dot Com Find Kathy Andel Find Kelley Henderson Howard Find Michael Sterling fireworks FL since Feb 2008 Florida Florida 02-23-2011 Florida Missing Fond du Lac Forever in our hearts - Leiby Kletzky Forever Loved & Missed Forever Loved and Missed forever loved. Forever Missed Forever Perkins Forever watching over Hannah Forever Watching Over Loved Ones _Rick Weiting forever will be missed Forver in Our Hearts Amber Dubois Franco Garcia - In Heaven's Orchestra Frank Ward 54 MISSING - Farmington NH - October 05 Frantzdy Cherisma MISSING Free Bracelets with any donation friends and all who love and will miss Faith. Frosty_Forever In My Heart GA GA - Needs Meds Gabriel Johnson 8 months MISSING Gabriel Johnson MISSING Gabriel Scott Johnson - MISSING Baby 2009 Gene Casteel Geoff Meisner Geoff Meisner 33 Missing Father of 4 in Canada Geoff Meisner 33 MISSING from West Kelowna CANADA Geoff Meisner 33 MISSING POSTER _ 2 Geoff Meisner_Missing Poster GeoffMeisner 33 _New View unshaven_clc Geoffrey Gordon Meisner George Aldrich - Forever in our hearts George Aldrich - MISSING - Aspen CO - 11-27-2010 George Aldrich - Photo taken hours before missing George Aldrich MISSING $25 George Westbrook - Forever Loved And Missed Gerald Crommet - Forever Will Be Missed Gerald Lee Mitchell Jr. Gerren Joseph Isrigg 6 _ Safe With Heavens Angels Giani granite Gianni MISSING Gilbert C Gilbert Caravallo Gilbert Paul Caravallo Glendene and Jessie Hearts Always Gloria and Theresa Lorenz Missing 07 19 2009 from Gloria Lorenz Greg Forte _ Forever Remembered in Prayer GREG HART MISSING POSTER Gregory Forte 29 Missing Delaware Guevaara Flor Gustav Djer Gustav Djerf Rest in Peace Gustav Erick Djer Gwendolyn Kay Robbins 56 MISSING NC Hailey Dunn Hailey Dunn - Missing Color Poster Hailey Dunn Missing Hailey Elliott Haleigh Cummings Haleigh Hurt Haley Willett 13 AMBER ALERT in KY Sept 26 2009 Happy New Year from The Team at LostNMissing Inc Harold Arias Hasani Campbell 5 MISSING child w cerebral palsy O Haylee Donathan MISSING June 09 Hayleigh Cummings Heart Heart Transplant Hearts Together Heather Davidson 29 FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS Heather Davidson 29 Missing Feb 20 2010 Idaho Heather Miller Heather R. Miller Heather Renee Miller Heather Renee Miller Missing SC April 2009 _ Endan Heather Teague Heather Zimmerman Hector Valencia 24 MISSING Los Banos Helen Mom Help by donating to LostNMissing Help Find Austin King Avatar Help Find Carla Fuqua Help Find Kathy Andel Help Find Kelsey Ray Facebook Photo Help Find Megan Waterman Help Find SPC JOSEPH BUSHLING - UTAH MISSING Help Find Toni Keller Avatar HelpFindKelleyHoward Henry Dowell Henry Dowell 77 MISSING NC SILVER ALERT 7/16/09 Henry Nordase 49 MISSING Boston MA _ Medical Needs Hepworth Family Missing in Idaho Hollis Hamilton 43 Silver Alert MIssing Homer and JoAnne Staton Rest in Peace Homer Johns Homer Staton Hood Hope Meek MISSING - Unsolved - 2002 - OKLAHOMA Hoping to find owner of this box Hostage Hugh Hugh Clark Hynephia Armstrong n Verniyah-Aniee Gammons MISSIN I WAS KIDNAPPED_WHO AM I Ian Burnet Missing Dec 2011 - NYC Ian Burnet MISSING NYC IL Ilya Lastovkin Missing -AVATAR Ilya Lastovkin Missing 2009 Ilya Lastovkin Missing Poster 2009 Ilya Lstovkin 22 missing in MA In Loving Memory Of Leticia And Celia Arzola In memory In Memory James Wernke In Memory Kay Doutre In Memory Luis Martinez 2 In Memory of Charles Tamae 20 In Memory of Greg Hart _To Not Be Forgotten In Memory Rebecca Koster 24 Gone Too Soon In Memory_Sunday Blombergh Indiana.jpg injured 4. is missing is Missing - Bobbi Ann Hood Aripez is missing. Isabel Celis 6 - Missing - Tucson AZ - May 2012 Isabella Valdes Isabella Valdes 2 MISSING Florida Aug 15 2009 It worked for Tate Ivan Mata-Martinez Jakelyn Mata-Martinez Megan Mat Jack and Iris Totten MISSING Jack Burke Jaclyn Fitzgerald - Forever Loved Jacob Young 8 months MISSING Jacquir Baston Jada Justice Jada Justice In Memorial 2009 _ In the arms of the Jade Crowe Jade Howell COLOR POSTER - MISSING JADE HOWELL- BW MISSING POSTER Jaelyn E Rice Jaelyn E Rice 4 MISSING in Ohio Mother to produce Jaelyn Rice Jahessye Shockley Jahmeshia Conner Never To Be Forgotten Jakavia Williams Jaliek Rainwalker 12 MIssing since 2007 Jamaica Smith Jamella Finnie Jamella Finnie Finnie Forever In Our Hearts James Abriel - Forever will be missed James D Smith - At Rest With The Lord James Daniel O'Connell James Donofrio - MISSING - Youngstown James Donofrio 64 MISSING from Youngstown Ohio James Johnson III 16 Rest in Peace James Skyler Johnson James Wernke 21 Fullerton CA Dec 12 2009 Jameshia Conner Jamie Barela 15 Gone Too Soon Jamie Fraley Jamie Harper Jamie Harper and Heather Zimmerman ILLINOIS Jamie Lee MISSING Jamie O'Connell MISSING Jamie Williford Jamie Williford 16 Paraplegic in Wheelchair MISSIN Jane Doe Jane Doe of Fond Du Lac County WI Nov 2008 JANE DOE of Fond du Lac Wisconsin Nov 2008 _ RECON Jane Doe of Granby MA JANE DOE _ Did you draw this tattoo _recognize her Janell Crystal Aaron_In Memory Always Janell Daniel Matula - Painting the stars at night Janet Gail Henry MISSING 1997 Janet Rose Dolgae MISSING since 1989 Cortland Ohio Janet Walters - Forever Will Be Missed Janet Walters 44 Critical Missing - Danville January 20 Jasmine Haslag Jasmine Lyght - Facebook Avatar jasmine lyght - loved Jason Anthony Jolkowski Jason Ellis - Unsolved Missing Jason Reil - NEW Missing Poster Jason Reil Missing Maine Jason Vu Jason Vu Rest in Peace Jasper Braswell Jasper McGrath Jay Rice Jean Paul Lacombe Jeffrey Rico Cervantes_In the Presence Of Angels Jenna Lord Jenna Lord 23 Missing July 4 2010 Camden NJ Jenna Lord BW MISSING POSTER Jenna Lord Color Missing Poster Jenna Simone Jenna Simone 15 Missing from Ohio Oct 6 2009 Jennifer and Adrianna Wix MISSING TN 2004 Jennifer Lehman 48 Missing since Aug 13 2010 Jennifer Papain 26 MISSING New York March 26 2010 Jennifer Ramsaran - Forever Loved Forever Missed Jennifer Wix JennsMom2 Jeramy Burt Jeramy Carl Burt Jeremy Goodwin - Forever In Our Hearts Jeremy Griess 39 Missing in Colorado Jeremy Griess Forever Remembered Jeremy Thomas Missing GA 2007 Jerry Rowe - In the hearts of many Jerryell Foster Jerryell Foster Safe In Heaven Jesse Cale - Forever Loved Forever Missed Jesse Ross MISSING - 2006 - Illinois Jessica Foster MISSING 2006 Jessica Irene Smith Jessica Irene Smith 20 Special Needs MISSING in CH Jessica Nicole Weiss Jessica Ridgeway - Sweet Angel Jessica Smith Jessica Weiss Jhessye Shockley - Missing Child Jill Edmonds Forever Remembered JJ Jolkowski Joan Eldin 60 Mentally Challenged is MISSING JoAnne Staton Jodi Henrickson Jodi Henrickson 17 MISSING June 20 2009 _BOWEN IS Jodi Rae Hockett MISSING Canada FEB 2009 aka Jessi Joe Helt Missing January 16 Joe Odum - Forever Loved Forever Missed Joey Lynn Offutt John and Cyndi John Carter 88 MISSING from Detroit MI Jan 23 2010 John D Picarello 21 MISSING Dec 1 2009 John Eischens 34 MISSING John Henry Cheatham john knol John Morris 37 MISSING July 30 2007 Maryland John Picarello Never To Be Forgotten John Rothney John Smith Johnny Crosby 67 - UNSOLVED MISSING Johnny Frank Peacock Johnny Peackock Johnny Peacock Jon Anthony Frazier Jon Cecil Anthony Frazier Jon Dailey - Facebook cover Jon Frazier Jon R Van Dyke Jon Shadden Jon Shadden Missing 2007 Texas Have you seen him? Jon Van Dyke Jonathan Dailey - Playing in Heaven's Orchestra Jonathan Dailey MISSING Jonathan Dailey ~ Playing in Heaven's Orchestra Jonathan Foster - Resting with the Lord Jonathan Kyle Brackett 18 MISSING NC Aug 2009 Jonathan Lacina Jordan JP Peterson - Forever Loved Forever Missed Jordon Lanphear Jorry Palm - Forever in the hearts of many Jorry Palm 28 MISSING June 2012 Ohio Jorry Palm 28 MISSING Ohio Jorry Palm Missing - Corrected Version Jose Cardenas Jose Diaz Jose Odum Joseph McStay Josh Hoover Joshua Davis 18mo RILY ALERT MISSING - Texas Joshua James Hancock_Forever loved forever missed Joshua Ryan Thurlo - Gone Too Soon - Loved by Many Jourdan Keel Joyce Schubert Jozef Wiktorek Jozlynn Mari Martinez Jr Jr 39 MISSING Louisiana March 28 2010 Judith Michele Williams Judith Williams Judy Williams Julia Madsen Julia Madsen 72 MISSING in New Jersey June 25 200 Julie Ann Gonzalez 21 Missing Mom in Texas Julieanne Buzzelli June 10 June 29 Justice Justice For Ricky Dyer Justin Brian Hall Justin Brian Hall - In Loving Memory Justin Brian Hall 40 - Missing - Arizona Justin Brian Hall Missing Justin Burkhart _ Gone Too Soon Justin Clark Justin Drew Burkhart MISSING Oregon August 01 2009 Justin Gaines MISSING Nov 2 2007 from Duluth GA Justin Hall - Missing Color Poster Justin Pleiss 25 MISSING camper in Colorado Justin Thomas JustinAndMother K Howard - MISSING Kaila Morris Kaila Morris 21 Mississippi MISSING Kalea Morris 4 MISSING PARENTS wanted by FBI Kamesha Hall Kamesha Hall MISSING Kansas) Kara Lynn Radabah Kara Lynn Radabah MISSING POSTER Kara Rabadah In The Arms Of The Lord Karamjit Kaur 16 MISSING after bide ride 9/30/09 Karen Cernak-Loved By Many Karin Creighton Karla Ruvas Karley Rivera Saucedo Karumjit Kaur Karumjit Kaur 16 MISSING Sept 30 2009 Katherine Doutre Katherine KATE Phillips - Missing baby Katherine Peronneau Waring 28 MISSING SC 6/12/09 Katherine Phillips - Baby Kate - MISSING Katherine Truitt 37 MISSING from Alameda CA katherine waring Kathleen "Kathy" Andel Missing Kathleen Andel Kathy Andel Kathy Bilicki Andel Kathy Goble 62 MISSING in Charleston WV Katie O'Donnell 20 MISSING Kay Doutre Kay Doutre 51 Missing Hooper, UT Oct 31 2009 Kay Gee Hall Kayla Berg Kayla Berg 16 at time Missing in 2009 - Wisconsin Kayleah Wilson 12 MISSING Greeley CO March 28 2010 Kayleah Wilson _Heaven's Angel Kaylin Doggendorf Never to be Forgotten Keighley Ann Alyea 18 Kansas MISSING Sept 29 2009 Keighley Ann Alyea Always in Our Hearts Keith Allen Rocheleau _ MISSING POSTER Keith Anderson - Forever In The Hearts Of Many Keith Anderson 62 Missing from Anacortes Kelley Henderson Howard Kelley Henderson Howard 41, MISSING Alabama June Kelley Howard Kelley Howard Flier Kelli Laine Lewis _ In Memory Kelli Marie Bourdeaux Kellisue Ackernecht Kellisue Ackernecht 36, MISSING New York Sept 30 Kelly Ann Englund Kelly Armstrong - Poster Balloon Event Kelly Armstrong Missing Color Poster Kelly Armstrong Poster and Balloon Event Kelly Currin Kelly Currin Morris Kellyann Englund KellyAnn Englund 37 Special Needs adult Missing in KellyAnn Missing in MN Kenneth Harris Kenny Gandy 23 In The Arms of Our Lord Keoni Fernandez Keonza Phillips Kevin Heinl - Forever in the hearts of Many Kevin Mosley_Gone Too Soon_Rest in Peace Kiarra Robinson 17 MISSING - Hilliard Kidnapped Kim Cox Twaddell Kim Harley Missing Kim Twaddell Kimmie Mizell 16 - MISSING - Alabama - 12June2012 Kirk Flowers Kirk Flowers Always Remembered _With Prayers Kody Sharp - Forever loved Forever missed Kory Anziana 16 - MISSING - Kansas 01-02-2012_ Krista Dittmeyer - Forever Loved Forever Missed Kristi Cornwell - Forever to be Remembered Kyla Porter Kyla Porter - Need Volunteers Kyla Porter Missing Kyla Porter-MISSING POSTER-2011 Kyla Porter_Missing Poster Kyra Stokes - MEDICAL MISSING - Chicago IL Kyron Horman Kyron Horman - MISSING CHILD - Oregon - 2010 Kyron Horman 7 MISSING Portland OR 06042010 LA Baton Rouge Missing K9 Mandy Sept 5 2009 Lady of the Dunes _ UNSOLVED COLD CASE Lance Fernandez Lance Gearing LANCE GEARING FOREVER REMEMBERED Lane Bryant Killer Suspect Wanted Lark Montague age 55 MISSING 9-27-07 UTAH Larry Gene Casteel jr Larry Gene Casteel Jr Forever Safe Larry Schnackenberg 58 MISSING Kansas 07082010 Laterse Daniels Laterse Daniels Missing Texas May 30 2009 Foul Pla Laura Vogel 43 MISSING Feb 21 2010 Maui Hawaii Lavanda Dolce Lawrence Neal Jr - Forever Loved & Missed Lee Cutler Lee Cutler 18 at time of missing in 2007 Lekiesta Brown 32 Rest In Peace Leona Dawn Perry 19 Missing Lesley Estefania Perez Missing May 12 2009 TX Leslie Anne Hurt Leslie Hurt Leslie Morgan 27 MISSING 09-26-2010 New Orleans Leverenz Linda Sue New - In Heavens Garden Lindsey Baum Lindsey Baum 10 MISSING WA June 26 2009 Lindsey Young 13 MISSING Manchester NH Feb 07 2010 Lisa Ann Schmidt 23 MISSING Lisa Irwin - 10 Months - AMBER ALERT - Missouri Lisa Irwin - Color Missing Poster - MO Lisa Irwin - Missing Abducted - Boy Disguise Lisa Schmidt Lisa Shannon Lisa Shannon - At Rest With The Angels Lisa Shuttleworth Lisa Stebic 37 Missing since April 2007 Illinois Lisa Stone 51 MISSING 06042010 Dallas Lizzi Marriott - Safe in the Arms Of the Lord LLYA Lastovkina 22 Missing Stoughton Logo_LNMBanner Londonderry NH Missing Cat SPARROW Lorenzen Wright 34 MISSING Lorenzen Wright _ Forever will be missed Lorretta Mom LostNMissing LOSTNMISSING AVATAR LostNMissing Inc - Our Services LostNMissing QR CODE LostNMissingâ„¢ LostNMissingâ„¢ Logo Loved and Forever will be missed. Lucky-Patrick Carnes Missing Luis Lopez Luis Martinez Luke Stout - MISSING - 18July2012 - Buckhannon WV Lynda Meier 40 MISSING Hallandale FL June 04 2010 Lynda Meier MISSING Lynda Robin Meier Lynn "Storm" Slocum Rest In Peace Lynn Slocum 46 Missing Phoenix AZ _Needs Meds Lynn Slocum_Missing Poster MA MacKenzie Cowell 17 Rest In Peace Madeline Samaan-Fay Sweet Baby Angel Magan Celine Adineh Kharat maiden Male Skull Mandy K9 Marble Arvidson Marble Arvidson 17 MISSING - Brattleboro Marble Arvidson 17 MISSING - Color Poster Marble Arvidson Missing Marble Arvidson- Color Poster Marc Anthony Bookal Marc Bookal March Anthony Bookal Marcia Schulien Marco Ramirez 25 Missing from Donna TX Marcy Elliott 21 MISSING July 23 2010 Georgia Marcy Elliott _Forever Loved Forever Missed Maria Saucedo Mariah Fray mariah grace fray Mariam Makhniashvili Mariam Makhniashvili 17 Missing from Toronto Marie Jane Carlson Missing Marie Jane Missing Mariha Trenice Smith Marilyn Renee McCown Mario Andrette McNeill Marissa Benson Mark Hudson 28 - MISSING - Nevada - 08June2012 Mark Nobrega Mark Nobrega 50 MISSING Massachusetts July 28 2009 Mark Wise - Color Poster - MISSING WA - Oregon Mark Wise 49 MISSING Neah Bay - WA Marlon Ramon Torres Marlon Torres Martin Caballero Martin Caballero Rest In Peace Martin Tyner Martinez Children MISSING 7/10/09 Nevada Parental Martinez Children MISSING may be in Mexico July 09 Mary Black Mary Chafin Mary Francis Marks 29 Missing Mom in Florida Mary Lou Black Mary Virginia Ratliff - Forever Will Be Missed Masaraha Ross Mason Fernandez Mata-Martinez Matrice Richardson Matthew Ellis Keith Missing Matthew Keith Maura Murray Missing - NH Maureen Brainard Barnes - Forever loved Max Hernandez _ Rest in Peace Sweet One Maxim Korolev - International Missing Maya Fleckenstein 12 MISSING in Parma OH McKenzie Cowell 17 MISSING from Orondo ME since July 2010 MEDICAL URGENCY John Rothney 74 MISSING Ohio 7-22- Megan Waterman -Group Photo - Benefit Megan Waterman 22 BW MISSING POSTER Megan Waterman 22 Missing and Loved - June 2010 Megan Waterman 22 Missing June 06 2010 NY Megan Waterman Benefit Supper Auction Megan Waterman Benefit _ BW Megan Waterman NY Poster Event Megan Waterman Poster Event Megan Waterman-Forever Loved Forever Missed Megan Waterman_COLOR MISSING POSTER Megan Waterman_Forever In Our Hearts Megan Waterman_Forever Loved Forever Missed MeganWaterman_Poster Balloon Launch ME Melanie Parada Melina Shepard Melissa Alaniz Melody McKoy Memorial Banner Memorial Banner : Rest in Peace Memorial Banner Devon Hollahan Memorial Banner for Somer Thompson Memorial Banner Hugh Clark REST IN PEACE Merry Fauley Metta Thomas MEXICO ALERTA Mitchell Romero de 3 DESAPARECIDO Micah Chandler Hartshorn Micah Hartshorn Michael Austin Davis Michael Brougham Michael Brougham 54 MISSING - 2010 - NH _ MA Michael Brougham Missing Michael Hearon Michael Hearon 52 MISSING in TN Odd circumstances Michael Hopton Michael Sean Emerick 40 Banner Michael Sterling Michael Taus Michaela Joy Garecht 9 UNSOLVED MISSING 1988 Michala Billa MISSING in Toronto Canada Michelle Jaeger 39 MISSING Michelle Jaeger Rest In Peace Michelle Kallus 40 MISSING 10-10-10 Louisiana Michelle Lee McCoy 20 MISSING Michelle Parker 33 Missing Banner - Florida Michelle Parker 33 Missing POSTER - Florida Michelle Parker Missing Michigan Mickey Shunick - MISSING - Lafayette Miguel Olivas Miguel Olivas 74 URGENT MISSING Silver Alert El Pa Miguel Scott Missing Mike Hearon Mike Hearon 52 Missing TN Unusual Circumstances 8/ Miranda Nye MIRANDA NYE 12 MISSING FROM OREGON 11 25 2009 Misoh Gulabbaksh 2 months _Rest In Peace Miss You Toni MISSING MISSING - Utah Desert Missing Aliayah Lunsford Missing Catherine Sackrider Event MISSING CHILD missing child in California Missing Collage - LostNMissing Missing Couple MISSING from #Braintree MA w Alzheimer's MISSING from State Hospital: Lawrence Eldridge Missing from West Mifflin Missing Geoff Meisner_Daughters MISSING IN BOSTON MA Missing in Florida Missing in Missouri MISSING IN MN MISSING IN NEVADA Missing in TN Missing Jeffrey Cervantes Missing Letters_ Justine Snyder missing Lisa Altimari-Wallace MISSING LISA IRWIN- MO Missing Marilyn Missing Megan Waterman_Avatar MISSING Mother of 4 Missing Nathan Bihlmaier 31 - in Portland Maine Missing Nathan Lewis Horowitz MISSING POSTER MISSING Rilya Alert Missing since 08 Missing since 2008 in North Carolina MISSING SOLDIER Captured in Afghanistan MISSING Vanessa Anne Wallace Missing- Spc Joseph Bushling - Utah - May2011 MISSING: Decoriyana Nash Missing: Kayla Ohl Mitchell Romero Mitchell Romero_Spanish Banner Mitrice Richardson MISSING 09172009 California Mitrice Richardson _ Forever Loved Forever Missed MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE AMBER ALERT HOAX Molly LOVES the snow! mom of 4 Monica Beresford-Redman MISSING Monica Beresford-Redman Safe in Heaven's Garden Monika Hunter Monique Williams 5 MISSING from California Montana Morgan Dana Harrington Morgan Dana Harrington Necklace Morgan Harrington Morgan Harrington 20 Missing Morgan Johnson Missing Morgan Johnson Missing Indiana Morton Hendricks Moses Fitzpatrick_ In The Presence of our Lord Mother and 3 Children UNIDENTIFIED _ NH _ 1980s Ms Twitter World MT Murdered Bodies in Barrels - Mom and kids Myranda Langlands Nancy Escobar Naomi Hallman 26 MISSING from Ocala Nathan Martin - Loved and Missed RIP NC - NEEDS MEDS Nevada Missing Neveah NEVEAH BUCHANAN MISSING AMBER ALERT Neviaeh Amyah Buchanan New Missing Poster for Shanna Peoples NH NH Kevin King NH POlice Impersonator NH Unidentified 3 girls 1 adult female NH_Mother 3 children Unidentified remains from ear Nichelle Harris Nicholas Sturghill Nicholas Sturghill 16 Missing w heart condition MI Nicholas Sturgill Nicholas Sturgill Missing w heart condition MICHIG Nichole Butcher Nichole Sherman - Forever an Angel Nick Coppola - Forever In The Hearts Of Many.jpg Nicki Beltowski 15 AMBER ALERT Nieja Patterson Nina Rae Keown 26 MISSING Scottsburg Indiana Nina Rae Keown-Forever Loved-Forever Missed Niqui McCown 29 MISSING since 2001 from Indiana NM No Mom Should have to help search for son's body. Noah Duke Noel Burgener Noel Burgener 12 _ MISSING _ Alaska to States Nora Zolandz Norma Lopez _ Forever in Our Hearts Nurse missing from Calif April 25 2010 NY NY CRIME STOPPERS NY since July 2010 Octavio Caballero of Waterford Officer Michael Hopton Official Site for Megan Waterman OH OH SILVER ALERT Bobby Gene Mintlow 69 MISSING Olmos-Godinez MISSING Children Oregon Our backyard Autumn Foilage October 2009 Our Prayers for 2010 LostNMissing Inc PA PA (Geneva College) Devon Minor PA since 3/15/10 Pamela Marie Woods_Forever Will Be Missed Parental Abduction: Danyela Parker Norris Pat Viola Patrice Battle Patrice Battle Always Remembered Always Loved Patricia Belizaire Resting With Angels Patricia Kimmi Patricia Kimmi _ Rest in Peace Patricia Viola Missing from NJ 2001 Patrick Alford 7 MISSING NY 01-22-10 Patrick F Carnes 86 MISSING - Nevada - April 2011 Paul Barnet - Forever Loved and Missed Paul Massicotte - TN- MISSING Paul Massicotte Missing Paul Massicotte Missing Color Poster - TN Paul Shannon Forever Loved And Missed Paul Vincent Knobel - Forever Loved And Missed Peter Achermann Peter Achermann 82 Missing July 24 2009 Staples M Peter Richard PFC Bowe R Bergdahl PFC BOWE R BERGDAHL PRAYERS FOR RELEASE July 2009 PFC Eric D Currier Semper Fidelis _Rest In Peace Phillipines Phuong Le Phuong Le 25 Phylicia Barnes 16 MISSING Baltimore MD Piedmont AL - Carla Cook Fuqua EVENT Piers Hopson 35 MISSING East Sussex England Please Donate LOSTNMISSING Please help find Megan Waterman Poster Event - Christina Whittaker Poster Event - Danielle Hill Alvarado Prayers - In Memory 2012 Prayers for the family Preston Norris Prettiest Baby_Mya Pretty Princess_Lilliana Priscilla and John Prudence Corson Prudence Corson - Forever loved Queen Ononiua - Heaven has a new angel Rachael Anderson Rachael Blakely 18 MISSING Ridgefield Rally for Missing_Columbus OH_June 12 2010 Raymond Lamar Green Infant Kidnapped Reachelle Smith Reachelle Smith MISSING 2006 NORTH DAKOTA Repeat Offender : "BEAR" Chicago Police Dog is Mis Rest in Peace Rest in Peace Abraham Shakespeare ~ Prayers Rest in Peace Dustin Gibson Rest In Peace Gerald Lee Mitchell Rest in Peace Katherine Waring by LostNMissing Rest in Peace Sherie Wilson Rest in Peace Sweet Angel _Nevaeh Buchanan Rest in Peace sweet David Gomez June 2009 Prayers Rest in Peace...Jon Lacina resting in the arms of the Lord Reward STEVEN WINBOURNE MISSING RewardPoster-DanielleAlvarado Rheannon Jermon Rhonda Keegan Richard Deane 43 MISSING _UK_WeightLoss Richard Deane Forever Remembered Richard James Wieting Richard Shaw Jackson...Forever in our hearts Ricky Deane MISSING POSTER Rikelle Sayers - Forever Will Be Missed Rilya Wilson Rilya Wilson age 4 Born 1996 Died 2000 Robert "Butch" Rithaler Robert Coci - Forever Will Be Missed Robert Cox - Poster Event Robert Cox Missing Robert Hall Missing Poster_LostNMissing Robert Hardin 25 MISSING - Montevallo Robert Korda Robert Korda 69 MISSING July 9 2009 California Robert Lee Hourihan Robert Manwill Robert Mitchell Robert Wayne Cox - Missing Robert Wayne Cox 57 MISSING Robert William Dornbach MISSING in NJ since 2005 Roberta Aripez Robertino DeAngelis Robin Gibb - LostNMissing - RIP Robin Sanderson Rochelle Cremona Simmons - Forever In our Memory Rochelle Cremona-Simmons 47 Missing New Mexico Rodnell Burton Rodney Brown Jr 25 MISSING Springhill LA Rodney Goggins CANDLELIGHT VIGIL Roger Ayscue Roger Wayde Ayscue Roger Wayde Ayscue 40 MISSING NC July 15 2009 Rose Bly Rose Marie Bly Ross Abinanti Roxanne Paltauf 18, Missing since 2006 Austin, TX Royce Royce Harris RT PLZ Email for adult trial/NOT juvenile Rueben Herrara MISSING Gardena CA Ryan Bouchard RYAN PATRICK DELLINGER Ryan Ramirez Ryan Ramirez 17 MISSING runaway Corpus Christi TX Salvador Rodriguez Sam Kirtley Samantha Ann Clarke 19 MISSING VIRGINIA Samuel Blake Kirtley Samuel Kirtley SARAH ROGERS 29 MISSING NH ME Sarah DeIuliis Sarah Foxwell Sarah Foxwell Sweet Angel Sarah Hightower Sarah Rogers 29 MISSING SARAH ROGERS 29 MISSING Dec 13 2009 Sarah Rogers and son Sarah Rogers Car Window Poster Sarah Rogers Forever In Our Hearts Sarah Rogers HOSPITAL SEARCH_Missing Sarah Rogers MISSING Sarah Rogers MISSING POSTER _3 Sarah Rogers SMALL BANNER Sarah Rogers Son seeks his mom Saxon Brice Dir Saxon Dir Sebastien Cabrera Senator Harry Reid Sex Offender Shane Purple 17 MISSING Shaniya Davis Shaniya Nicole Davis In memory Shanna Peoples Shanna Peoples - REWARD - Color Poster Shanna Peoples Balloon Event Shanna Peoples MIssing Shanna Peoples Missing AL SHanna Peoples Missing Color POster Shannon Gilbert 24 MISSING May 2010 - NY Shannon Maria Gilbert - Prayers for Safe Return Shari Antoinette Richardson Sharolyn Collins Sharolyn Collins 47 Missing BW Poster SHARON DENISE WILLIAMS FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS Sharon Price - Forever in Our Hearts Sharon West-Forever Loved And Missed SharonandJanDidIt Shawn Robertson - Missing Shawna Wood Shelly Mook 24 MISSING TN - Feb 28 2011 Shelva Conrad Rafte Unsolved Missing-2006-PA Sherie Wilson 31 MISSING mom of 4 Rochester NY Sheryl Derouen 67 MISSING - Houston TX 12-18-2010 Sheryl Lynn Vasquez & Noel Vasquez Carjacked Cali shewantshermommyhome Shining Hope - Ayla Reynolds Shining Hope Kelley Howard Shirlee Coy - Forever Loved Shonda Townsend 19 MISSING 07052010 Texas Shoshana Geiser Siarra Pickett Silver Alert SILVER ALERT Harry Mitzo Missing in FL w 02 Dodg SILVER ALERT Donald Salvetti 94 FLORIDA MISSING Ju SILVER ALERT Eva Marinkovic 89 Son removed from Fa SILVER ALERT Harold Arias Boca Raton FL 96 CrownVi SILVER ALERT Homer Johns MISSING 06 28 2009 Texas SILVER ALERT Jasper Braswell MISSING June09 Silver Silver Alert Joyce Schubert 69 MISSING Cleveland O SILVER ALERT Metta Thomas 89 Missing California 06 SILVER ALERT RHONDA KEEGAN 47 NEEDS MEDS MISSING T Silver Alert: Critical ROSS ABINANTI 63 (Califor Sky Metalwala MISSING Skylar Dials - Forever In Our Hearts Skylar Thompson Skyler Kauffman - Flying the heavens So Precious Soldier Somer Renee Thompson Somer Thompson Spc. Joseph Bushling Stacey Chrystine Anderson 16 MISSING Aug 17 2009 Stacy Peterson MISSING since 2007 - Illinois Stephan Mitchell Missing Stephanie Cavanaugh Stephanie Eldridge _ Always in Remembrance Stephanie Low Missing Stephano Niko Missing Stephen Flood Missing Illinois June 09 Stephen Hender - Forever Will Be Missed Steven McGehee Memorial Banner Steven R. Winbourne Steven T. Koecher Stevie Bates Missing Sully Sully Briswold Summer McStay Sunday Blombergh Heavens Brightest Star Sunday Blombergh _ Heaven's Brightest Star Sunday Blombergh _ POSTER EVENT _MAY 15 2010 Sunday Blombergh_Missing Poster Sunday Blombergh_Poster2 Susan Powell Susan Ryan - Community Outreach Susan Ryan - In Memory Susie Freeman Monroe MISSING #NC Toyato NC tag VSN Suspects of kidnapping Briant Rodriguez Sweet Angel Sweet Child Ivy Leinen Sweet Child Of Maine Syed "Zain" Naqi Sylar Newton Heavens Angel Syler Newton age 2 Missing Banner Image Sylvester McCurry Sylvester McCurry_Forever in Our Thoughts Sylvia Cuttitta Szczepanik Family Missing Taliah Nelson Tammy Belanger Tara Grinstead Tara Grinstead MISSING Oct 22 2005 Georgia Tatyana Gray Team at LostNMissing inc 2012 Teen_Liya Terrance Sloan Terry and Darlene - Who Took Their Lives Terry Durham Terry Neely Terry Neely 46 Disabled MURDERED Wheelchair MISSI Texas Classification: Endangered Missing Theresa Lorenz Thomas Boylan Thomas Boylan Sr Thomas Boylan _ Rest in Peace Thomas Joel Zinza_Forever will be missed Thomas Matthew Zinza Thomas Zinza Tiffany Shepard Tiffany Turner 28 Tiffany Van Meter 22 MISSING ALERT in Kentucky Tim Potter Tim Potter Missing Timmothy Pitzen 6 - MISSING - Aurora IL Timothy Potter Timothy St. Jernquist - Gone but never Forgotten Timur Mardeyev Timur Mardeyev Missing Nov2011-Oklahoma Tulsa Timur Mardeyev OK Missing TN RILYA ALERT Tom "Tommy" Daniels Tom Daniels Tommy Daniels Tommy Daniels 28 Florida Law Student MISSING Toni Keller by Michael Shelby Toni Keller _Forever in Our Hearts Toni Keller_POSTER EVENT Toni Lee Sharpless Toni Sharpless Tony Day Tony Day 46 Dad of 5, MISSING 12/3/09 Tonya-Beautiful Heart Toronto Tracy Kroh Missing Since Aug 5 1989 - Pennsylvania Tracy Lynn Myers MISSING BW Poster Tracy Lynn Myers MISSING COLOR POSTER Tracy Ocasio Tracy Ocasio MISSING Florida May 27 2009 TracyMyers-ColorPoster-LostNMissing Tragedy in Mexico Travis Brown 10 autistic child MISSING in New Orl Trevethick Wager Girls Missing UTAH Troy Lamonte Richmond jr Twitter Tyler Albritton Tyler Crowe Unidentified Unidentified Female Remains in Massachusetts 1974 Unidentified since 2006 LIVING CHILDREN. Who are t UNIDENTIFIED SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD_WHO IS HE? Unknown Femaled Deceased 1995 DO YOU KNOW HER Unsolved Missing - Brian Shaffer - OSU - 2006 Unsolved Missing - Donna Kaye Lagerman Unsolved Missing 1986 Unsolved Missing: Colton Barrera Unsolved Missing; Jason Ellis URGENT AT-RISK MISSING -PINOLE Urgent MIssing Child Alert: Zoe Dorsey URGENT MISSING: Jaiden Marin Utah Please help find my family v Valerie Grace Hamilton 23 MISSING NC 09152010 Valerie Hamilton Vernon Jones Vernon Kent Jones Vernon Kent Jones 23 Missing in NYC since 1993 Veronica De La Cruz Veronica Esquivel Veronica Esquivel Romero Vicky Ellington 53 Missing Victor Brian Banks - Forever Will Be Missed Victor Brian Banks JR - Forever Will Be Missed Victor Flores MISSING - Spanish Color Poster Victoria Bensch 3 MISSING VICTORIA STAFFORD " TORI " MISSING Canada Vincent Binder_Forever Safe Viretta Sharpe - MISSING - California Virginia Vivian Wild Missing - MD VOLUNTEERS FOR JON DAILEY VT - Aug 27 2011 WA WA since 08-04-2010 Walk For Missing CHildren TN Walter Palmer Wanda Jefferies WANTED IN SHANIYA DAVIS ABDUCTION Warren Newcomer 80 Missing Dec 23 2009 Manheim PA Warren Newcomer Rest in Peace Washington Washington Feb 09 2010 Watkins Missing Children We will never forget 911 Were Your Children Exposed to These Two Wesley Wamsganz Missing Poster Where is Danielle Hill Alvarado Whitney Heichel - Forever Loved Forever Missed Who am I Who am I? Could I be you? Kidnapped 1978 Who are these children? Who is this child left in 07 at hospital in Baltim William Edward King William Henry Edmonds _Rest in Peace William Hurley Memorial Banner Rest in Peace Wyatt Smitsky Wyatt Thomas Smitsky XSmLogoAvatar Xzavion Shepherd Yashawnee Vaughn 14 MISSING PORTLAND OR Yashawnee Vaughn-Rest in Peace Sweet One Yilliam Rodriguez Zach Ware - Playing in the fields of heaven Zachary Green 33 MISSING Kingston NY 01-02-2011 Zachary Green Forever In The Hearts Of Many Zack Brewer Zahra Clare Baker 10 MISSING - AMBER ALERT NC Zhara Clare Baker - Forever Loved Forever Missed Zilphia Craig - Forever an Angel Zilphia Craig 47 MISSING from Detroit Zilphia Craig 47MISSING AVATAR Zilphia Craig Color Poster Zinza Brothers Missing

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